You probably have a lot of questions

Further below we’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and hope they’re helpful to you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Incumbent or Parish Administrator. They’d be happy to speak to you and can put you in touch with our Newcomer Support Team.

For any cemetery related questions, please contact our Cemetery Manager.


How long is the service?

On average services are 60 to 70 minutes long.

What am I going to be asked to do?

There are no expectations. Please feel invited to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

Is there a Sunday children’s program?

Yes! There is a vibrant program for children ages 3 to 12. At the beginning of the service children are in the church with their families for about 10 to 15 minutes. After ‘Children’s Time’ the Sunday School teacher(s) invite them to join the children’s program in the Sunday School room of the church.

If you prefer, there is a play mat and toys located in the church near the piano where children can play during the service.

How formal is the service and what should I wear?

Our services combine both traditional and contemporary elements with preaching, which leans toward the progressive side theologically. While there is a clear order to our services, there’s also a feeling of welcome and relaxed warmth.

There is no dress code at St. Philip’s. You’ll see people who are in their Sunday best, others dress in blue jeans and T’s, or anything in between.

Dress to your comfort: come as you are or wear your finest clothes – either way, you’ll fit right in!

What do I do when the service is over?

At the end of the service there’s a blessing given by the priest. After the blessing the priest walks down the centre aisle, followed by a postlude on the organ.

Once the final is played, everyone’s invited to share coffee, tea, goodies and conversation in the parish hall, located only a short walk away from the church. Just follow the group along the path through the cemetery or ask a greeter to take you.

Do you have special services?

Communion is celebrated every Sunday. We celebrate Christmas, Holy Week, Easter and other times with special services.

Seasonal special services include Lessons and Carols and The Blessing of the Animals for example.

Baptisms occur throughout the year during regular Sunday morning services and are arranged in conversation with the priest. Weddings and funerals are also arranged with the priest directly.

For dates, times and announcements, please visit our homepage.

How is St. Philip’s funded?

Each Anglican church is responsible for the funding of all its operations, activities and outreach projects. Collectively, the churches fund the work of our national church, The Anglican Church of Canada.

Here at St. Philip’s all money comes from regular offerings, fundraising events, special gifts and donations, bequests as well as from proceeds of our cemetery. These funds pay for worship and music, children and youth programs, outreach projects, priest and staff salaries, and for the operation and maintenance of our buildings.

Offerings are not fees or dues given out of obligation. They are gifts of thanksgiving which come from the heart. And they are tax deductible!

How do I make an offering? What is PAR?

You’ll find giving envelopes in the pews, which can be used for weekly offerings. If you put your name and address on the envelope, you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes at the end of the calendar year.

During each service, volunteers will ‘pass the plate’ through the pews. Offerings are simply placed on the plate. It’s perfectly okay to pass the plate along without an offering.

You can make a weekly offering by cash or cheques or by PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance from a bank account). Please contact the church office for personal envelopes or more information about PAR.

I identify with the LGBTQ2s community. Am I welcome?

Yes, you are! We welcome all people into our faith community regardless of sexual orientation, gender, colour or income.

The blessing of same-gender married couples is offered here at St. Philip’s and as our wider Anglican Church moves forward, we hope to be able to offer same-gender weddings in the near future as well.

How can I arrange to have a conversation with the priest?

We’ve included contact information for all our staff on our website. You can either contact our incumbent priest directly or phone the church office and ask for an appointment. Alternatively, feel free to approach our priest in person after Sunday service.