Burial lots, niches, scattering grounds

St. Philip’s Cemetery offers standard casket and child burial lots, cremation lots, columbarium niches and areas where ashes can be scattered.

We monitor industry trends to ensure that the products and services you’re looking for are available here at St. Philip’s at an attractive price point, today and for years to come.

Casket burial lot

  • inter up to two caskets
  • inter up to four urns
  • upright monument
  • flat marker

Child burial lot

  • inter one child-size casket
  • inter one urn
  • upright monument
  • flat marker

Cremation lot

  • inter up to two urns
  • flat marker only

Columbarium niche

  • inter up to two urns
  • bronze marker only

Scattering grounds (Riverbed)

  • scatter ashes
  • no memorialization


In addition to upright monuments and flat markers, we can also arrange for the placement of a memorial bench to honour a loved one or the planting of a commemorative tree within the cemetery.

Other products and services

If you’re planning a reception for family and friends, take a look at our wheelchair accessible, fully-featured reception facility. Please contact our Parish Administrator for more details.