Thompson Egbo-Egbo is an accomplished piano artist and composer from Nigeria, and his name is as unique as his musical journey. Thompson has seduced audiences around the world with his versatile and passionate performances. He has a gift for harmonically complex but memorable compositions that have a deep, abiding groove at their core.

“My approach has always been to play in a way that sounds right to me, while at the same time creating stuff that’s accessible to as many people as possible. I don’t see it as making concessions to the pop world or any other genre. We all have unlimited access to every kind of music now, so I feel I’m a position to add whatever elements I’m interested in to my sound.”

Jeff Halischuk (drums): “My favourite thing about playing with Thompson is being in a band where I feel free and encouraged to take chances and create something new with like-minded musicians.”

Randall Hall (bass): “Since I started playing with Thompson 12 years ago, he has never demanded I play a certain way. I believe his patience and trust in each member of the Trio, our influences, and our abilities is largely responsible for the unique sound we project.”